Eric Elick is an American composer based in Los Angeles, California.

Ironically, Eric was born with 10% hearing due to Meniere's disease. At age of 4 this was discovered and Eric underwent surgeries to correct the accumulation of fluid in the ears as well as placement of pressure equalization tubes. The surgeries were a success and Eric now has full hearing and is very passionate about creating art through the sonic medium.

Eric began his film scoring career with the award winning independent film, The Tour (2014) co-directed by Damon Rickard & Alex Mathieson. Eric has recently completed the original score for the feature film Lilith (2018) directed by Ryan M. Andrews, Dulce Muerte directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero (2018), Father (2018) directed by Mark Logan, and A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Theatre directed by Mary C. Russell.  Eric is signed on to score the feature film Vanity Fear directed by Vadim Levin which is in pre-production. Other projects are set to be announced later this year.

Eric has several degrees and certificates in Spanish and is a trained interpreter.