We understand we all deal with monsters in our everyday life, both within and without, which is why we are powerful monster trainers here! We learn to harness the powers of darkness for good!

Our Motto is: "Horror with Heart"


Our beliefs follow:


1. We believe all community members are valuable. Everyone can achieve their goals with the right support and mindset.


2. We are against misogyny, racism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression that have the goal to marginalize or dehumanize a population.


3. We believe in compassion and kindness and, though we are imperfect beings, we strive to better ourselves with the challenges that life present with our inner strength and the support of our community.


4. We believe vulnerability is a sign of courage and we express our vulnerability here in this safe and supportive community, our Monstourage.


5. We love supporting each other! We raid, celebrate achievements, give emotional support, and answer questions as we are able to. We choose to approach things from a perspective of abundance, not scarcity.


6. We believe authenticity is one of the most important qualities a person can possess and respect the strength it takes to display such authenticity.


7. We are excited to meet you!